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Feedback Questionnaire

Message from the President of JSC NIAEP

Dear Colleagues!

On some extent 2012 is of historical importance for us. That year we made a decision on establishment of NIAEP-ASE Integrated Company. Merger with JSC ASE was carried out in accordance with the NIAEP Strategy adopted in 2010 and the Strategy on Engineering Development in Russia of State Corporation ROSATOM.

President of JSC NIAEP
V.I. Limarenko

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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC NIAEP

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Reviewing the 2012 annual results, the NIAEP Board of Directors is pleased to declare: NIAEP-ASE Integrated Company established one year ago successfully performating the Strategy of State Corporation ROSATOM on Industry-Specific Engineering Development and demonstrates readiness to make fresh gains in Russia, as well as worldwide.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC NIAEP
K.B. Komarov

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